№2(19) // 2022








The question of social medicine. Review

PHD Rogozhin B.A., Prof. Oparin O.A. Evolution of the structure of national health care systems

Prof. Strashok L.A., prof. Danilenko G.M., PHD Zavelya E.M., PHD Isakova M.Y., PHD Yeshchenko A.V. About perspectives for the development of school medicine in Ukraine.

THD Koreshuk I.I., PHD Shpak D. O., Zubchuk A. The importance of habits in student life: results and consequences.

The question of the cardiology. The original study

Guluzade L., Sultanova M., Yakubov K., Isayev H., Nadirova A., Ismayılova U. Assessment of Brain Deep White Matter Hyperintensities in Smokers in Azerbaijan

The question of the cardiology. Review

Assoc. prof. Dvoyashkina Yu.I., assoc. prof. Khomenko L.O., Oparina T.N. Cardiomyopathy. Clinic. Diagnostics. Treatment.

Pankova O. The potential of catestatin in the diagnostics of cardiovascular diseases: current data and perspectives

The question of the endocrinology. Symposium

Prof. Zhuravlyova L.V., PHD Sokolnikova N.V., PHD Rogachova T.A. Diabetic dyslipidemia: focus on pathogenesis and treatment.

The question of the history of medicine. The original study

Prof. Oparin O. Religious paradigms of medieval medicine.

Prof. Robak І.Yu., PHD Alkov V.A. «Military-Surgical notes from the Serbian-Turkish war of 1876» as a reflection of Аpollinarius Podrez’s early professional development.

Prof. Korzh O.M. Evolution of approaches to the treatment of acute coronary syndromes: from Eisenhower’s heart attack to modern approaches to treatment.

The question of the physiotherapy. Review

PHD Livak P.E., Korchuk O.S., Kozhukh N.P. Physical rehabilitation and recovery in neurological diseases.

The question of the philosophy. Review

DD Kampen К.S., PHD Shevchuk A.V., Stinkovyy М. The importance of spiritual sanctification in the formation of human health.

The question of the rheumatology. Review

Prof. Korzh O.M., PHD Korzh I.V. Osteoarthritis in the practice of a family doctor: differential diagnostic aspects.

The question of the gastroenterology. The original study

Prof. Oparin O.A., Kashyrtseva O.M. Characteristics of psychosomatic disorders in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease with concomitant obesity.

The question of the nephrology. Symposium

Prof. Oparin A.G., Assoc.prof. Dvoyashkina Yu.I., Assoc.prof. Khomenko L.A., Assoc.prof. Sikalo Yu.K. Glomerulonephritis. Problem. Diagnostics. Treatment.

Distance education

Bank of tests.