The importance of habits in student life: results and consequences.

THD Koreshuk I.I., PHD Shpak D.O., Zubchuk A.

Ukranian Adventist Theological Institute, Bucha, Ukraine

Ukrainian Institute of Arts and Sciences, Bucha, Ukraine

 The relevance of the research topic lies in the daily practical component of the stated problem. The topic of habits, particularly in student life, is important, because this component affects the professional development of a future specialist. Currently, time management is one of the promising areas of scientific research in recent years. Multi-functionality in the modern world has become a basic requirement for an employee with the massive emergence of information technologies in the era of digitalization. Since the work efficiency of any employee depends on previously acquired skills, it makes sense to investigate the peculiarities of becoming a specialist during the student period. In particular, this concerns the issue of habit formation. The research presents the results of the author’s questionnaire. In particular, a chart of respondents’ answers regarding their age, type of activity, gender, etc. general personality parameters. Based on the respondents’ answers, it was determined whether, in their opinion, habits are an important part of life. Reflections on whether habits can significantly improve or worsen life, and whether they are capable of forming a person’s character, are highlighted. Particular attention is focused on whether habits can be an important factor in student life, as well as on what type of habits prevail in their lives. Currently, a certain number of students do not fully understand the importance of habits with all their consequences. Therefore, it is important to investigate how these habits can affect life and in what way. The results and consequences of the student’s habits have meaning, depending on their beneficial or negative impact. Much depends on the ability to acquire and get rid of various habits. That is why the outline of the problems of the importance of habits in student life and the definition of the accepted connotation for the people of the XXI century. is an actual scientific direction. The article focuses on the definition of types of habits and their impact on a student’s life. The methods of acquiring, losing and consolidating habits in student life have been studied. The main categories on the path to successful habit formation are highlighted, including purpose, simplicity, attractiveness, visibility and satisfaction, and the need to monitor the progress of habits.

Key words: student life, good habits, bad habits, habits and learning, productivity.

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