№1(15) // 2021

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Questions of the history of medicine. Review

Prof. Baran D. Some Landmarks in the Romanian history of medicine

Questions of the cardiology. Symposium

Prof. Korzh O.M. Damage to the cardiovascular system in COVID-19

Questions of the gastroenterology. Symposium

Prof. Zvyagintseva T.D., as. Gamanenko Ya. K. Helicobacter pylori in the clinic of internal medicine

Questions of the endocrinology. Symposium

Prof. Zhuravlyova L.V., PHD Sokolnikova N.V., T.A. Rogachova PHD. Molecular mechanisms of insulin resistance in normal pregnancy and gestational diabetes.

Questions of the history of medicine. Original research

Prof. Mazur I.P. History of medicine in Ukraine during the Mesolithic period: climatic and socio-religious origins of the development of empirical medicine

Questions of the cardiology. Original research

Prof. Nikolenko E.Ya., PHD Vovk K.V., ass. professor Pavlova E.L., ass. professor Salun O.A. Carvedilol versus metoprolol succinate in the treatment of patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction and patients with acute myocardial infarction

Questions of the history of medicine. Original research

Prof. Pasiyeshvili L.M., prof. Zhelezniakova N.M., аs.prof. Pasiyeshvili T.M. Antioxidant system: norm and pathology.

Prof. Robak I. Yu. Interdisciplinarity of History of Medicine and Narrowness of the Modern Domestic Historical and Medical Field

The issue of emergencies. Original research

Prof. Polukhov R.Sh., Nasibova E.M., Polukhova A.E., Rustamkhanly A.M., Sultanova M.J., Nasibov F.G. Our Success in the Treatment of Acute Respiratory Failure in Coronovirus Patients Using Non-invasive Ventilation

Questions of Psychosomatics. Lecture

Prof. Doluda S. M., Prof. Kozidubova V. M., As. Vakulenko A. V., Prof. Goncharov V. E., Barycheva E. N., Gurnytskiy A.V. Disturbance of compliance in patients with paranoid schizophrenia in the process of neuroleptic treatment

Questions of the history of medicine. Original research

Prof. Oparin O.A. Sanitary and Epidemiological Portrait of the Medieval City.

Mukhtarov E. Effectiveness of interferon therapy in time of in-situ primary renal cell carcinoma: first results.

Bobina І.V., Ph.D. Kravtsova V.I. Vladimir Viktorovich Bobin: scientist — anatomist, teacher, representative of the medical dynasty.

Questions of comorbid pathology. Original research

Ass. Nikolenko O.Ye., PHD Pavlov S.B., prof. Korzh O. M. Levels of fibroblast growth factor and sulfated glycosoaminoglycans in connective tissue metabolism in patients with mitral valve prolapse and type 1 diabetes mellitus.

Issues of endocrinology. Original research

Talibli A.A., Aliyeva E.M., Kurbanova F.A., Mustafayeva I.R., Ismayilova A.C., Amiraslanova Sh.Z. The severity of clinical changes and the importance of vitamin D in the development of hyperandrogenism syndrome during puberty.

Questions of the history of medicine. Original research

PHD Demochko H., Chernukha O. D. K. Zabolotny as the one out of the founders of the domestic microbiological school: activity of the scientist at the head of all Ukrainian academy of sciences.

Questions of Endocrinology. Review

Pylov D. The importance of vaspin in external and internal secretory activity of the pancreas.

Questions of gastroenterology. Symposium

Prof. Zvyagintseva T.D., Yaroshenko A.V. Biological diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease: current ideas and future achievements.

PHD Brynza M., аs. Uvarova K. Issues of inflammatory bowel disease management in primary care.

Questions of comorbid pathology. Original research

Hajibabirova L. M. Optimization of the diagnosis of preclinical renal dysfunction in arterial hypertension and its combination with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

PhD Viun T., PhD Viun S., PhD Andrusha A., as. Marchenko A. The problem of osteoporosis in general medical practice: prevalence, risk factors, genetic predictors. Role of chronic pancreatitis and hypertensive disease in the formation of secondary osteoporosis.

Prof.  Oparin O.A., Maliar O.M., Fedchenko Yu.G. Features of the clinical course and motorsecretory disorders in gastroesophageal reflux disease in overweight patients.


Konstantin Konstantinovich Vasiliev (On the occasion of the 70th birthday)

Academician of the NAMSU L.A. Pyrih and the VULT