Effectiveness of interferon therapy in time of in-situ primary renal cell carcinoma: first results.

Emil Mukhtarov Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy Urologist

Baku Health Center, Urology Center, Baku, Azerbaijan

Although targeted kidney cancer (RCC) therapy has resulted in interferon replacement (IFN), IFN is still widely used in metastatic RCC. However, so far, interferon used after nephrectomy. We present the results of the use of interferon in patients with primary RCC in place. 9 patients who did not undergo surgery and did not receive targeted therapy for various reasons. The average age is 67.1 ± 10.9 years (36-77 years). Women – 3 (33.3%), men – 6 (66.7%). One patient had cystic RCC, the rest had RCC. 6 (66.7%) patients had metastases in lungs, 1 – metastases in the brain. Interferon-alpha-2a was administered as follows: Initial dose: 3 million units per day, gradually increasing over 8-12 weeks up to 18 million U / day, and, if possible, up to 36 million U / day as follows: 1-3 days – 3 million units / day, 4-6 days – 9 million units / day, 7-9 days – 18 million units / day, while portability increases the dose in 10-84 days to 36 million units / day. Maintenance dose: at the maximum tolerated dose 3 times a week, but not more than 36 million U / day. Duration of treatment: not less 8 weeks, preferably at least 12 weeks. If there was an effect, the treatment continued, if there was no effect, it stopped. The maximum duration of treatment was 16 months. Only 3 (33.3%) patients had stable disease (SD). 6 (66.7%) patients died as a result of RCC. But in one patient, SV lasts 96 months. Our results confirm limited activity IFN monotherapy for this disease, but in exceptional cases, its use is possible.

Key words: renal cell carcinoma, metastases, interferon.


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