Issues of inflammatory bowel disease management in primary care

PHD M. Brynza, аs. K. Uvarova

V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Іnflammatory bowel diseases are among various chronic processes, which, in the case of inadequate diagnosis and irrational treatment, eventually lead to highly unfavorable consequences. Thus, the timely establishment of the diagnosis, as well as the prescription of effective therapy and the subsequent careful follow-up of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases is the key to prolongation of the patients’ wellbeing and prevention of the occurrence of severe complications. Due to the possible increase in the prevalence of these pathologies in the future, close and effective cooperation between specialists and primary care physicians is extremely important nowadays. Unfortunately, there are currently no tools that can be used by primary care physicians to improve the routing of patients with inflammatory bowel disease. However, close and clear communication between primary and secondary healthcare specialists should become an integral part of health care systems, including that in our country.

Key words: inflammatory bowel disease, primary healthcare, disease management.

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