№2(16) // 2021


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The issues of healthcare organization. Original research

Prof. Kovalyova O.M. Age and gender features of clinical course COVID-19.

The issues of the family medicine. Symposium

Prof. Pasiieshvili L.M., prof. Zhelezniakova N.M., аss.prof. Pasiieshvili T.M. Fever of unknown origin. ways and principles of diagnostic search in general medical practice.

The issues of endocrinology. Symposium

Prof. Zhuravlyova L.V., as. prof. Sokolnikova N.V., PHD Rogachova T.A.  The relationship between diabetes mellitus and heart rhythm disorders: a focus on common pathophysiological mechanisms and modern treatment strategies.

The issues of the family medicine. Symposium

Prof. Babinets L.S.  Therapeutic and organizational approaches to the patients with acute back pain management in outpatient practice (according experience of Croatia and Slovenia).

The issues of the Traumatology. Review

Prof. Rindenko V.G., PHD Krasnobai V.V.  To the 44th anniversary of the first in Ukraine and the former USSR reimplantation of the upper limb after its complete traumatic amputation.

The issues of the medical education. Symposium

Prof. Kuzmina A.P., PHD Lazarenko O.M.  Improving the effectiveness of teaching problematic issues of rheumatology at the stage of postgraduate education by integrating immunological knowledge.

Prof. Babinets L.S. Problems of general practice-family medicine distance teaching at the undergraduate level and ways of their solution.

The issues of the family medicine. Symposium

Amiraslanova N.A. Clinical manifestations and complications of formations of medium and big dimensions in the womb and ovaries.

The issues of the neurology. The original study

PHD Babakhanov I. S. Cerebrovascular diseases as a risk factor for the development of ischemic stroke.

The issues of the History of Medicine. Original research

Corresponding-member of UAIM Molchanov S. B. Bible and preventive medicine.

The issues of the narcology. Review

Ass. Podolian V.M.  Adolescent drug addiction in Ukraine: Social and psychological aspects.

The issues of gastroenterology. Symposium

Khalafova R. I. Combined detection of inorganic syndromes of the gastrointestinal tract and their differential diagnosis.

The issues of the History of Medicine. Original research

President of the Ukrainian Academy of Medical History, рrof. Oparin O.A.  History and formation of hospitals in the Middle ages.

The issues of gastroenterology. Symposium

Mamedova Sh.F. Comparative study of some immunological parameters in case of intestinal parasitic invasion in student.

The issues of the Andrology. Review

Rauf Sarif oglu Rzayev. Socially-epidemiological regularities of distribution of erectile dysfunction in men in Azerbaijan.

The issues of the comorbid pathology. The original study

Prof. Oparin O.A., Malіar O.M., PHD Oparina T.N, Abakumova E. J.  The role of adipose tissue hormones in the formation and course of gastroesophageal reflux disease in combination with obesity.

Prof. Oparin A.G., Semenova N.V., PHD Oparina T.N. Features of the quality of life in patients with a non-erosive form of gastroesophageal reflux disease with concomitant chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in young people.

The issues of endocrinology. Symposium

Prof. Serik S.A., PHD Strona V.I.  Atrial fibrillation in diabetic patients.

The issues of cardiology. Symposium

Prof. Korzh O.M.  The application of quercetin in liposomal form for optimization of metabolic therapy of coronary artery disease.