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Question of the Gastroenterology. Symposium.

Prof. T.D. Zvyagintseva, PHD A.I. Chernobay. Primary biliary cirrhosis from pathogenesis to treatment.

Question of the Cardiology. Evidence-based medicine.

Prof. О.M. Korzh, PHD G.I. Kochuev, PHD S.V. Krasnokutskiy. Evidence-based practice of prevention of cardiovascular pathology.

Question of the differential diagnosis. Symposium.

Prof. L.V. Zhuravlyova, PHD A.A. Yankevich. Peripheral edema: diagnostics and treatment.

Question of the Neurology. Symposium.

Prof. Т.А. Litovchenko, PHD О.L. Tondiy, PHD О.P. Zavalnaya. Treatment of neurological disorders of women in the period of pre- and menopausal using complex homeopathic drugs.

Question of the Gastroenterology. Symposium.

Prof. A.A. Oparin, PHD N.V. Lavrova. Gastroesophageal reflux disease. Range of problems. Diagnostics. Treatment.

Question of the of the Endocrinology. Lection.

Prof. L.M. Pasiyeshvili, ass. T.M. Pasiyeshvili. Problem of obesity in general medical practice.

Question of the comorbid disorders. Review.

Prof. М.N. Kochyeva, ass. В.А. Gavrilyk. Neuroendocrine mechanisms of development of nephropathy of patients with an essential hypertension and obesity.

Clinical pharmacology. Symposium.

Prof. A.G. Oparin, prof. A.A. Oparin, PHD E.L. Ycovenko. Calcium channel blockers: of action and peculiarities clinical usage.

Question extragenital pathology. Review.

PHD O.Yu. Zhelezniakov, PHD N.M. Zhelezniakova. Thyroid dysfunction and pregnancy: common grounds, the mechanisms of realization, management tactics.

Question of the Nephrology. Laboratory diagnosis.

PHD Y.I. Dvoyashkina, ass. L.A. Khomenko. Urinalysis in general therapeutic practice.

News of the Pharmacotherapy. Original study.

PHD G.I. Kochuev, prof. M.N. Kochueva, prof. A.N. Korzh, L.A Ruban, prof. E.A. Pavlova. Variability of blood pressure and autonomic homeostasis status of patients with arterial hypertension in the dynamic of treatment by a drug «Neotenz».

Prof. M.N. Kochueva, prof. A.N. Korzh, PHD G.I. Kochuev, ass. V.A. Gavriluk, ass. O.A. Plehova. Lipid-lowering, cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory effects of «Letium» in patients with hypertension.

To help the doctor.

PHD S.V. Krasnokutskiy. Clinical investigation of a patient with the chest pain.

Question of the Physiotherapy.

Prof. L.D. Tondiy. About the self-defence of organism and about the possibility of it’s strengthening (how the new medical science was born).

History of medicine. The original study.

Prof. A.A. Oparin. Medicine of ancient the Chersonese.

Question of the Narcology. Symposium.

Prof. I. Sosin, PHD I. Skvira, PHD O. Goncharova, PHD Yu. Chuev. Integrated diagnostic identification of alcohol dependence in the general somatic practice.

Distance education.

Bank of tests.

Testing “Calcium antagonists: mechanism of action and clinical features of application.”

Testing “Thyroid dysfunction and pregnancy: common ground, mechanisms for the implementation, management tactics.”