Urinalysis in general therapeutic practice.

Urinalysis in general therapeutic practice.

PHD Y.I. Dvoyashkina, ass. L.A. Khomenko. Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

The article gives a comprehensive overview of indicators identified with the urinalysis, the characteristics and features of the changes during different renal diseases and diseases of other organs and systems: physical and chemical properties of urine, urinary sediment and major kidney function tests, specific criteria’s and tests to differentiate both quantitative and qualitative changes of the current indicator.

Key Words: kidneys, urine, a protein precipitate.

Dvoyashkina YI, Khomenko LA. [Urinalysis in general therapeutic practice]. Shidnoevr. z. vnutr. simejnoi med. 2014;1:61-69. Russian.


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