Peripheral edema: diagnostics and treatment.

Peripheral edema: diagnostics and treatment.

Prof. L.V. Zhuravlyova , PHD A.A. Yankevich. Kharkiv National Medical University.

In this review discussion was focused on edema — the common presentation of internal diseases, neurological disorders and surgical problems. Edema is defend as abnormal accumulation of interstitial fluid, which can be either due to excessive capillary filtration or ineffective lymphatic drainage. There are systemic and local causes of edema, which should be revealed promptly, because specific etiology has significant impact on the approach to treatment. Among common causes of edema chronic venous insufficiency, heart failure, nephritic syndrome, effects of drugs, deep venous thrombosis and etc. were analyzed. Some attention was paid to specific conditions like idiopathic edema and lipidema (which is abnormal fat distribution). Diagnostic procedures and treatment options became the features of consideration regarding its effect on the management of patient with peripheral edema. In addition to the descriptive part of the article, the multi-choice questions were proposed for self-assessment.

Key Words: peripheral edema, diagnostic procedures, treatment options.

Zhuravlyova LV, Yankevich AA. [Peripheral edema: diagnostics and treatment]. Shidnoevr. z. vnutr. simejnoi med. 2014;1:15-22. Russian.


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