№2b (17) // 2021



№2b (17) // 2021 (PDF)




Congratulations to the delegates of the Fourth Congress of Historians of Medicine of Ukraine

Issues of the History of Medicine. Original research

Prof. Belozоrov I.V., As. prof. Rogozhin  B.A. Kharkiv University and the Shumlyansky brothers.

As. prof. Miloslavsky D.K. Kharkiv medical society: flipping through the pages of history (to the 160th anniversary of the formation of the society).

Prof. Vasyliev K.K., As. prof. Vasyliev Y.V. History of organization of the department of hygiene, medical police, medical geography and statistics at Kyiv University.

Prof. Gamaliia K.M. Mens sana in corpore sano.

Prof. Goncharova О.А. History of Kharkiv school of endocrinology.

Prof. Stambler I. The development of biomedical gerontology in Ukraine – a historical priority.

As.prof. Khilmonchik N. E., Mosin O. V., Zhigimont A.V., Verkhovodko A.I. Malaria as a biological weapon of nazi Germany during the Second world war.

Prof. Sorochan S. B. A citizen of Byzantium in the «valley of the shadow of death» (Psalm 22:4).

Prof. Oparin O.A. Medieval plague pandemis.

As.prof. Petrova Zh.P. The initiator of the Kharkiv Medical Society, professor W.F. Grube.

As.prof. Demochko H. L., prof. Robak I. Yu. Professor P. I. Shatilov in memoriam: to the 100th anniversary of the death.

Pertseva Zh.M. Yu.R. Pensky — surgeon and dean of the medical faculty of Kharkiv University.

Yevdokimenko O.A. Аnalysis of separate health status of the population of Ukraine in the XXI century.

Tkach B. Doctor-enlightener Kostya Solukha.

As.prof. Hrynovets V. S., As.prof. Telishevska UD. A life dedicated to dental science. Professor Makeev Valentin Fedorovich — 80.

As.prof. Hrynovets V., As.prof. Telishevska UD. Lviv Medical Faculty 1661-1773.

Prof. Korzh O.M. Scientific heritage of Leonardo da Vinci and modern cardiology.

Issues of gastroenterology. Symposium

Najafova V. N. Informativeness of methods of radiation diagnostics in the detection of liver hemangiomas.

Issues of neurology. Original research

Prof. Litovchenko T.A., Vostrotin O. V., As.prof. Tondiy O.L., as. Lebedynets V. V., Kolinko Y. L. Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy after a kidney transplantation: based on literature review and own clinical case.