№2(5) // 2016



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The Question of the pulmonology. Symposium.

Prof. Semidotska ZD, PHD Chernyakova IA, PHD Pionova OM, PHD Tryfonova NS. Modern aspects of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The Question of the Gastroenterology. Symposium.

Prof. Zvyagintseva TD, PHD Shargorod II. Chronic duodenal obstruction.

The question of The Allergology. Lecture.

Prof. Pasiyeshvili LM, PHD Zheleznyakova NM, PHD Pasiyeshvili TM. Food allergy: is a disease or condition? The concept of coexistence human and food allergens.

The question of the Nephrology. Scientific review.

Prof. Topchii II. Changes of the morphogenetic proteins FGF23 and Klotho increase risk of cardiovascular events.

The question of the physiotherapy. Lecture.

Prof. Tondiy LD, Zakrevskaya EL. May the stones do clinic effect?

The question of the cardiology. Lecture.

Prof. Korzh AN. Cardiorenal syndrome: clinical significance, diagnostic criteria, and principles of treatment.

The Question of the Gastroenterology. Diagnostics.

Prof. Oparin AA, prof. Oparin AG, PHD Lavrova NV, PHD Blagoveschenska AV. Ultrasound research of the liver in normal and pathology.

The Question of the metabolism.Symposium.

Ptushchenko NYu, PHD Pasiyeshvili TM. Mineral «portrait» of human in health and disease.

The question of The Education. Lecture.

Naumova II. Pedagogical conditions of successful upbringing of children in the family.

The question of the physiotherapy. Diagnostics.

Prof. Nechipurenko ON. Physical treatment and rehabilitation in pediatrics: modern concepts and new opportunities.

The Question of the History of medicine. The original study.

Prof. Oparin AA. Medicine in the byzantine empire.

The question of the Health Care. Review.

Mehmet Akman. Health transformation program of Turkey – an overview.

The Question of the Endocrinology. Diagnostics.

Prof. Zhuravleva LV, PHD Sokolnikova NV, Pylev DI. The diagnostic strategy of a general practitioner in relation to patients with impaired glucose metabolism.

The question of the pulmonology. Diagnostics.

Apikova AE. Analysis of acoustic methods of diagnosis bronchopulmonary diseases.


70-th anniversary of Girka V.D.

Distance education.

Bank of tests.