Pedagogical conditions of successful upbringing of children in the family

I.I. Naumova. Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

The article is devoted to the upbringing of children in the family. Currently, family problems and family raising acquire special relevance. Social and economic crisis significantly worsened demographic situation. The family is traditionally highly respected in our country as a social institution has been lost its value.

Now, however, the importance of family is gradually growing, as its role has been perceived in the development of the younger generation. Because it is in the family where the model of future life is formed, so it is much depends on parents and other relatives.

The purpose of family upbringing is the formation of personal traits and qualities that will help to overcome adequately life’s difficulties, problems and challenges. Development of intelligence and creativity, cognitive powers and initial work experience, moral and aesthetic formation, emotional, cultural, and physical health of children depend on the family, parents, and these are all the tasks of family upbringing.

Key Words: family, upbringing, children, parents, pedagogical conditions.

Naumova II. [Pedagogical conditions of successful upbringing of children in the family]. Shidnoevr. z. vnutr. simejnoi med. 2016;2:67-70. Russian.


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