New issue

№1(10) // 2019



Questions of general medicine. Symposium

Prof. Z.D. Semidotskaya, prof. T.D. Zvjagintseva, PHD I.A. Chernyakova, PHD M.Yu. Neffa, A.E. Chernyakova. Lessons of microbiota.

The questions of the differential diagnosis. Symposium.

Prof. Shevchenko O.S., PHD Shevchenko R.S., PHD Todoriko L.D., PHD Pohorielova O.O. Issues of differential diagnosis of pleural effusions.

The questions of dermatology. Symposium.

PHD O.I. Sarian. Herpes zoster: skin manifestations and differencial diagnostics

The questions about the history of domestic medicine. Symposium.

Prof. K.K. Vasiliyev. Story of the history of medicine in Ukraine: pre-Soviet, Soviet and post-Soviet periods (XIX — early XXI centuries).

The questions of the phthisiology. Symposium.

Prof. Shevchenko O.S., PHD Todoriko L.D., PHD Poteyko P.I., PHD Pogorelova O.O. Issues of diagnosis and Treatment of non-tuberculous mycobacteriosis.

The questions of history of surgery. Lecture.

Petrova Z.P. Famous Surgeon V.F. Voyno-Yasenetsʹky.

The questions of the history of medical education. Original study.

Prof. I. Yu. Robak. Kharkiv Higher Medical School as the Eldest in Ukraine

The questions of the Drug addiction. Original study.

Prof. I.K. Sosin, PHD. O.Yu. Honcharova. Didactic priorities of the Department of Narcology of the KhMAPE in the training of specialists in integrated therapy of opioid dependence.

The questions about the history of the domestic medicine. Symposium.

Prof. K.K. Vasiliyev, рrof. V.I. Borodulin. Materials for the biography of the leader of the therapeutic science of Ukraine F.G. Yanovsky (1860—1928).

Questions of the history of medicine. Original study. The original study

Prof. A.A. Oparin. Have a walk and history of medicine

The questions of physiotherapy. Symposium.

Prof. Khimion L., as. Havryliuk H. The possibilities of the treatment knee injury in ambulatory practice.

The questions of endocrinology. Symposium.

Prof. Zhuravlyova L.V., Rogachova T.A. Menopausal hormone therapy: modern state of the problem.

Issues of endocrinology. Symposium.

Prof. O.M. Korzh. Cardiovascular complications in diabetes mellitus: the role of hyperglycemia.

The questions of the gastroenterology. Original study.

PHD E.A. Kyrian. Optimization of the diagnostic search of patients with ulcerative colitis.

The questions of physiotherapy. Symposium.

Prof. A.V. Kipenskyi, PhD. V.A. Vereshchak, I.V. Smotrov, V.I. Ditskiy, M.J. Mihnenko. Physiotherapy apparatus of the new generation.

The questions of the gastroenterology. Diagnosis.

PhD V.A. Yakovenko. The first experience in the use of a circular cylinder in Ukraine for endoscopic radiofrequency ablation at Barrett’s esophagus.

The questions of the gastroenterology. Diagnosis.

Prof. A.E. Dorofeyev, S.V. Golub, O.E. Ananin, Yu.Z. Dynia. Relationship modeling of biomarkers in assessing the activity of ulcerative colitis.

Distance education.

Bank of tests.