Assessment of fetuin-A in patients with comorbidity of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and arterial hypertension К.О. Prosolenko

Kharkiv National Medical University

The aim of our study was to investigate serum fetuin A levels in patients with NAFLD and its comorbidity with essential hypertension or renoparenchymal hypertension, as well as to evaluate the association of this indicator with the major pathogenetic factors of these diseases. All patients were divided into five groups: group I — patients with NAFLD (60 patients), group II — patients with comorbidity of NAFLD and essential hypertension (121 patients), group III — patients with comorbidity of NAFLD and renoparenchymal hypertension (88 patients), group IV — patients with essential hypertension (30 patients), group V — patients with renoparenchymal hypertension (30 patients). All patients had stage II, grade2 of hypertension. Patients’ age ranged from 18 to 66 years. The mean age of the patients was 49.12 ± 10.66 years. The control group consisted of 20 healthy individuals. Clinical examination of patients included evaluation of the parameters of objective examination: in particular anthropometric data and blood pressure by standard methods. Conducted abdominal ultrasound, vessels. In some patients, the Fibromax test was performed. The levels of ALT, insulin with determination of HOMA index, total cholesterol, adiponectin, cytokeratin-18, malondialdehyde, superoxidedismutase, tumor necrosis factor-α, fetuin A were determined.

In patients with NAFLD and various manifestations of metabolic syndrome, it has been found that, in the absence of diabetes mellitus and / or clinically pronounced atherosclerosis, an increase in fetuin A is associated with a degree of liver steatosis and not associated with liver fibrosis. Increase in fetuin A is more significant in groups with NAFLD comorbidity with essential hypertension and renoparenchymal hypertension, but is not associated with levels of SBP and DBP. This fact may indicate not a direct effect of essential hypertension and renoparenchymal hypertension on elevated levels of fetuin A, but this elevation can be associated with metabolic disorders that are more pronounced in the presence of comorbidity. In patients with NAFLD, regardless of the presence of its comorbidity with essential hypertension or renoparenchymal hypertension, there is an association of serum levels of fetuin A with hypoadectinemia and insulin resistance.The results of other studies were also analyzed, which were devoted to the study of the relationship of fetuin A with NAFLD, hypertension, atherosclerosis, CKD and others.

Key Words: non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, arterial hypertension, fetuin A, comorbidity.


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