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The Question of the Comorbid Pathology. Symposium

Prof. Bilovol O.M., prof. Bobronnikova L.R., Al-Trawneh O.V. Pathogenetic features of the combined course of arterial hypertension and diabetes mellitus 2 type.

 The Question of the Nephrology. Seminar

Prof. Semidotska Z.D., PHD Chernyakova I.A., PHD Pionova O.M., PHD Tryfonova N.S. Acute kidney injury: modern view of problem.

The Question of the Addiction. Symposium

Prof. Sosin I.K., ass. prof. Goncharova O.Yu., ass. prof. Chuev Y.F. Clinical diagnostic algorithms of opioid dependence.

The Question of the Differential Diagnosis. Lecture

Prof. Pasiyeshvili L.M. Diagnostic search in patients with subfebrilitet.

The Question of the Dermatology. Symposium

Prof. Bolotnaya L.A., as. Sarian E.I. Hair diseases.

The Question of the Nephrology. Review

Prof. Topchii I.I. Hyperphosphatemia and karbamylation proteins — risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

 The Question of the Cardiology. Symposium

Prof. Oparin A.A., Prof. Oparin A.G., ass.prof. Lavrova N.V. ECG diagnostics of rhythm disturbances.

The Question of the Ultrasound Diagnostics. Symposium

Prof. Abdullaev G.Ya., prof. Golovko T.S., prof. Oparin A.A., ass. prof. Rahimzadeh S.E.. Ultrasonic diagnostics of malignant tumors of the mammary glands.

The Question of the Physiotherapy. Lecture

Prof. Tondiy L.D., prof. Zinchenko O.K., ass. prof. Kas I.V., Zakrevskaya E.L. Light in the practice of family doctor.

 The Question of the Neuropathology. Review

Prof. Litovchenko T.A., PHD Zavalna O.P., PHD Tondiy O.L., Taciy N.P. Peculiarities cerebrovascular disorders in liquidators of accident in Сhernobyl NPP in the remote period.

The Question of the History Of Medicine. The Original Study

Prof. Oparin А.А. Medicine in ancient Babylon.

 The Question of the Education. Lecture

Prof. Kasyanova O.M. Paradigmatic Approach to the Development of Education Theory and Practice.

The Question of the Pulmonology. Study

Prof. Ospanova T.S., prof. Semydotska Z.D., PHD Chernyakova I.A., PHD Pionova O.M., PHD Tryfonova N.S. COPD phenotype — the way to personalized medicine ХХI century.

The Question of the Clinical Pharmacology. Lecture

PHD Kochuev G.I., prof. Kochueva M.N., prof. Korzh A.N. The Place Of Mucolytics In The treatment Of Inflammatory Respiratory Diseases.

 The Question of the Metabolism. Symposium

Ptushchenko N.Yu., PHD Pasiyeshvili T.M. Mineral «portrait» of human in health and disease. Macronutrients, or two sides of the same coin — how vital it becomes dangerous.

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