Acute kidney injury: modern view of problem

Prof. Z.D. Semidotska, PHD. I.A. Chernyakova, PHD O.M. Pionova, PHD N.S. Tryfonova. Kharkiv National Medical University. Department of Propedeutics of Internal Medicine № 2 and nursing

The modern view of acute kidney injury as a global issue is presented in this article. The application of the concept of acute kidney injury in practical public health care is viewed as a strategic approach to reducing overall mortality and increase life expectancy.

Key Words: acute kidney failure, acute kidney injury, biomarkers of renal tissue damage, chronic renal disease.

Semidotska ZD, Chernyakova IA, Pionova OM, Tryfonova NS. [Acute kidney injury: modern view of problem]. Shidnoevr. z. vnutr. simejnoi med. 2017;1:10-16.Russian


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