№1(2) // 2015

№1(2) // 2015


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Question of the dermatology. Symposium.

Prof. L. Bolotna. Psoriasis: pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, principles of therapy.

Question of the Gastroenterology. Symposium.

Prof. T.D. Zvyagintseva, PHD I.I. Shargorod. Chronic pancreatitis: current concepts of pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment.

Question of the Rheumatology. Symposium.

Prof. L.M. Pasieshvili. Osteoporosis is silent bone “Thief”.

Question of the differential diagnosis. Symposium.

Prof. L. Zhuravlyova, PHD N. Alexandrova, PHD I. Letik. The peculiarities of differential diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus.

Question of the pediatrics. Lection.

Prof. O.Yu. Belousova. Adult children’s diseases beginnings, or where the causes of chronic diseases adult population.

Question of the Rheumatology. Symposium.

Symposium Prof. О.M. Korzh, PHD S.V. Krasnokutskiy. Gout: clinics, diagnostics and treatment.

Question of the Clinical pharmacology. Symposium.

Prof. A.А. Oparin, PHD A.V. Blagoveshenskay, PHD T.N. Oparina. β-adrenoblocators: mechanisms of action and clinical usage.

Question of the physiotherapy. Lection.

Prof. L.D. Tondiy, PHD A.A. Kalyuzhka, PHD S.V. Bondarenko. Electrophototherapy and aerosol therapy in the practice of family doctors.

Question of The issue of safety.

Prof. Juraj Nemec. Health Policies versus Health Care Reforms and their Success in Central and Eastern Europe.

Question of the cardiology. The experts’ recommendations.

Guidelines of the Ukrainian Association of Cardiology of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of chronic heart failure in adults (short version).

Questions of Nephrology. Symposium.

PhD Dvoyashkina J.I., PhD. Girka V.D. K. Pyelonephritis. Problems. Diagnosis. Treatment.

History of medicine. The original study. original study

Prof. А. А. Oparin. Medicine of middle ages. Religion. Philosophy. Superstitions.

Question of the physiotherapy. Lection.

Prof. L.Y. Vasilyeva-Linetska. Problem of physiotherapy inefficiency presumption at modern phase of development of physical and rehabilitation medicine in the Ukraine.

News of the pharmacotherapy. Original study.

Prof. Kochueva M.N., PHD Kochuyev G.I., prof. Korzh O.M., PHD Krasnokutskiy S.V., Plyehova O.O. Modern ossibilities of metabolic therapy – actovegin in focus.

Distance education.

Bank of tests.

– Incoming testing of the knowledge control «Psoriasis: pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, principles of therapy».

-Testing of the final control of knowledge «Psoriasis: pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, principles of therapy».

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