Medicine of middle ages. Religion. Philosophy. Superstitions.

Medicine of middle ages. Religion. Philosophy. Superstitions.

Prof. А. А. Oparin. Kharkiv medical academy of poctgradutation education.

It is shown in the article, that in middle ages the sanitary-epidemiology state was characterized by absence of the system of the sewage system and water-supply; by a complete insanitariness, both city on the whole and separate houses; by absence of elementary rules of the personal hygiene; by the high percent of child’s death rate and almost not ceasing epidemics. It is shown that medicine in the epoch of middle ages based on principles of scholastica, rejecting in principle any scientific openings and contrasting a faith and science, that did her development impossible in principle. Methods treatments, applied by medieval medicine, were based on rough superstitions, taken to the faith in curative force of amulets and talismans; ascription of influence on the health of man of location of stars; to the role of plots and healthful force of the pounded stones and minerals. It is in-process set that basis of medieval medicine was made first of all by учения of medieval church about immortality of the soul, saints, at illnesses, rough heathen beliefs and philosophy, doing not only impossible development of medicine, as such but also resulting in mass epidemics, insanitariness, height of neuropsychic diseases, decline of duration and quality of life of population, predominated in which.

Key words: middle ages, medicine, superstitions, ceremony, insanitariness.

Oparin АА. [Medicine of middle ages. Religion. Philosophy. Superstitions]. Shidnoevr. z. vnutr. simejnoi med. 2015;1:86-95. Russian.


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