Gout: clinics, diagnostics and treatment.

Gout: clinics, diagnostics and treatment.

Prof. О.M. Korzh, PHD S.V. Krasnokutskiy. Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ukraine.

For most patients with gout first contact physicians are general practitioners, family doctors. However, research results indicate a lack of awareness among primary care physicians on the criteria of diagnosis and modern approaches to the treatment of gout. So far most of family physicians traditionally considered gout primarily as “joint” disease. Joint syndrome is a striking clinical manifestation of the disease, affects the quality of life of the patient and acquiring a chronic course, leads to disability. However, within the framework of gout may result in different organs and systems, especially the kidneys, often preceding the typical gouty arthritis and determine the prognosis of the patient. Awareness of family physicians on modern principles of management of patients with gout will improve the early diagnosis of the disease and ensure the timely and optimal treatment. Knowledge of general practitioners risk of violation of purine metabolism underlying gout, and ways of their correction, patient education a healthy lifestyle will provide a basis for effective prevention programs.

Key words: gout, diagnosis and treatment.

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