Health Policies versus Health Care Reforms and their Success in Central and Eastern Europe.

Prof. Juraj Nemec

Matej Bel University , Slovakia

The analysis is based on the examples of many countries in the region, derived from existing documents. The focus is on the most developed countries – new EU member states, especially in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, but data from less developed countries are also included. The main aim of the reform is equal to universal access to health care of the highest quality for all. Despite the fact that the reforms in Central and Eastern Europe highlighted the need to improve the prevention, minor changes have occurred in reality, since the existing lobby prefers expensive treatments cheaper preventive measures.

Key words: healthcare, Europe, reform.

Nemec J, Bel M. Health Policies versus Health Care Reforms and their Success in Central and Eastern Europe. Shidnoevr. z. vnutr. simejnoi med. 2015;1:58-65.


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