Autoimmune thyroiditis: a look at the problem through the eyes of a family doctor

E.Ya Nikolenko., O.A. Salun, K.V.Vovk, E.L.Pavlova

N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Department of General Practice-Family Medicine

This article is about autoimmune thyroid disease, the causes of this pathology, factors of development of AIT. Recent studies have shown that gene mutations, including regulatory genes, cause the development of thyroid, including AIT, so far there is no doubt that AIT is a genetically conditioned disease and also depends on the environment. Analysis of the literature has shown that the information on the real incidence of AIT is rather sparse and controversial. Talking about the exact prevalence of AIT itself is not possible, since the independent clinical problem in modern foreign scientific literature is hardly discussed. AIT statistics are increasing every year. AIT requires further study and development of early diagnosis of the disease.

Кey Words: autoimmune thyroid disease, diagnosis.


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