Current issues of the patient’s management at chronic prostatitis and erectile dysfunction in the outpatient practice: clinical case, problems and its decision.

Prof. L. S. Babinets

Ternopil National Medical University by Gorbachevsky of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Actuallity. One of the pressing problems of urology and family medicine is the management of a patient with pathology of the genitourinary system, in particular with chronic prostatitis: from one third to one half of adult men aged 20 to 50 years suffer from chronic prostatitis.

The aim is to analyze topical aspects of managing a patient with chronic prostatitis and erectile dysfunction in the outpatient practice of a family doctor and urologist (on a clinical example).

Discussion. In the long-term course of prostatitis is a violation of the function of the prostate, in particular erectile dysfunction. Finger rectal examination of the rectum and prostate is a practical skill that GPs should have. The need for timely referral of a patient with chronic prostatitis to a specialist- urologist. Treatment should be comprehensive, of adequate duration and personalized. It is necessary to combine means aimed at eliminating the infectious agent (rational antibiotic therapy), improving the patient’s immune status, normalizing prostate function (α-blockers), as well as relieving pain and reducing inflammatory manifestations in the prostate (nonsteroidalanti-inflammatory drugs). Non-drug methods help to reduce the chemical load and effectively helpto overcome the symptoms (finger massage of the prostate gland, reflexology and physiotherapy procedures).

Conclusion. The problem of effective management of patients with prostatitis, especially with erectile dysfunction, needs to be addressed: the results of treatment and rehabilitation are unsatisfactory: the twice reduction of the symptoms’ intensity compared with the baseline is considered a positive result, and the rate of the recurrency is from 25 to 50%

Key Words: chronic prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, antibiotic therapy, α-blockers, non-drug methods.


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