The medicine of Kievan Rus and dual faith

Prof. О.A. Oparin

Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

The work shows that the dual faith system, which was an artificial combination of pagan dogmas, beliefs and rites with Christian teachings, led to a combination of pagan and Christian ideas about the disease, as a result of which there was basically no room for doctors and medicine to treat it. The system of dual faith led to the rejection of secular medicine, as such, and equating occupation with God in apostasy, which led to the virtual absence of secular medicine in Kievan Rus. It is shown that the dual-belief system contributed to supporting the extremely low educational level of the population and the flourishing of superstitious representations in society in the form of faith in dreams, curses, astrology and magic. It was established that dual faith contributed to the development and widespread adoption of extremely fanatical religious and unbiblical inherently practices aimed at treating and preventing diseases in the form of the actual adoration of icons, attributing to the magical guard power of nauza, amulets and crosses, self-torture and exhaustion of the flesh, pronouncing prayer-conspiracies . Thus, the dual-belief system has become a leading factor in determining the statics in the development of both medical education and medical practice and science in Kievan Rus.

Key words: medicine, dual faith, Kievan Rus.


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