Diagnosis and treatment of stable coronary heart disease in the practice of a family doctor

Prof. O.M. Korzh

Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Among atherosclerosis-related cardiovascular diseases, chronic ischemic heart disease (CHD), in particular angina, is the most common form. Coronary heart disease is a myocardial lesion that develops as a result of animbalance between the coronary circulation and the metabolic needs of the heart muscle. At present, there aregood opportunities not only to use therapy with proven effectiveness aimed at reducing the risk of complications,including the development of fatal outcomes, but also more effective drug treatment of angina (ischemia), whichimproves quality of life. According to the recommendations for the management of patients with stable coronaryheart disease, drugs with a proven positive effect on the prognosis for this disease, which are mandatory for thepurpose, if there are no direct contraindications to their admission, as well as a large group of anti-anginal oranti-ischemic drugs are included in the scheme of drug therapy.

Key Words: coronary heart disease, angina, family doctor.



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