The personalized approach to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Prof. Korzh O.M.

Kharkiv National Medical University

The article presents a number of major updates on the assessment of the risk of cardiovascular complications and the principles of preventive intervention based on the materials of the analyzed clinical recommendations. Previous European guidelines focused on risk stratification and prevention of risk factors, whereas the updated European Society of Cardiology document places great emphasis on personalization and stepwise intervention in clinical practice. When developing a prevention strategy, it is recommended to pay attention not only to gender and age indicators, but also to geographic and ethnic factors. A personalized approach to prevention using a cardiovascular risk score and stepwise selection of treatment are more complex than a general prevention strategy, but they reflect the diversity of patients and their characteristics in clinical practice.

Keywords: prevention, cardiovascular diseases, personalized approach, risk factors.

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Корж, О.М. Персоналізований підхід до профілактики серцево-судинних захворювань // Східноєвропейський журнал внутрішньої та сімейної медицини. – 2023. – № 1. – С. 102-106. doi: 10.15407/internalmed2023.01.102

Korzh OM. Personalizovanyi pidkhid do profilaktyky sertsevo-sudynnykh zakhvoriuvan [The personalized approach to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases]. Shidnoevr. z. vnutr. simejnoi med. 2023;1:102-106. Ukrainian. doi: 10.15407/internalmed2023.01.102


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