The women in the life of I. Mechnikov.

Zh. Pertseva.

Kharkiv National medical University.

The article is devoted to the life and activity of a great scientitst I. Mechnikov, as well as to the role of the women close to him in them. The life of scientists is usually poor with external events. However, it is of interest not only to contemporaries, but also to future generations. Given, that the articles about I.I. Mechnikov mainly concern his scientific activity, the author set a goal to show the personal life of a famous scientist and the role of women, mothers and wives close to him in his fate. They were loving, faithful, devoted women who fully devoted themselves to our wonderful countryman. The memory of them is worthy to be preserved in history. It is a biographical article, which required wide usage of memorial literature of the late 19th cent. — early 20th cent. while its preparation.

Key Words: embryology, immunology, phagocytosis, the Pasteur Institute, Noble Prize, biography, memoirs


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