Medical faculties of medieval universities: history, structure, features of tution.

Prof. A.A. Oparin

Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Ukrainian Academy Of History Of Medicine

 The main stages of formation, development, structure and features of teaching at medical faculties in medieval European universities are represented in the article. It is demonstrated that the teaching system at medieval universities was strictly controlled and directed by the papal church. It is revealed that the statics in the medical faculties development of the of medieval universities was determined by the domination of the medieval church and its non-biblical dogmas about the immortality of the soul, worship of the saints, the empery of the clergy, opposition of faith and science, etc. In one respect, it made the development of medical science absolutely impossible, and in the other – replaced the very concept of science and education with the preaching of gross prejudice.

Key Words: medieval university, medical faculty, teaching, structure.


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