Analysis of depression level among HIV infected in dependence on the presence of deviant behavior

Prof. Spirina I.D., а Hnenna O.M.

State institution «Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine», Ukraine, Dnipro

According to a survey of 114 HIV infected patients, depressive disorders were found to be the most frequent nonpsychotic mental disorder that occurs in people with HIV / AIDS. The frequency of anxiety and depressive disorders is 43.9% (95% CI 34.8% – 53.0%), according to the BDI-II survey – 76.4%. An increase in their frequency to 92.1% is observed in the presence of deviant forms of behavior (p <0.001). The findings suggest that deviant behavior may worsen the degree of mental disorder in HIV-infected patients.

Key Words: HIV infected, nonpsychotic mental disorders, deviant behavior, depression, anxiety, psychopathological symptomatology.


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