To the 100th anniversary of the Russian medical dictionary M. Galin.

Nechaiv S.

Chairman of the Historical and Terminological Commission of VULT, Kyiv

Martyr Halyn is a military surgeon, from 1888 is a doctor of medicine in the Emperor’s university of Saint Volodymyr (now the Kyiv National University named after T.Shevchenko), from 1901 is a knight of the order of Saint Stanislav and other battle rewards of the Rossian empire. In 1903 appointed by the performer of duties of the Main doctor of the Kyiv combat hospital. Halyn, together with М.Hrushevskyj et al, participated in founding of 1907 of Ukrainian Scientific Society in Kyiv, from 1908 chairman of its naturally-medical section, and from 1911 – chairman of medical section, chairman of terminological commission on medicine. In 1917-1921 Halyn participated in organization of sanitary corps of UNR Army, cornet general, at hetmanate in 1918 managed the Terminological commission of Ministry of People’s Health and Guardianship, compiler of the first Ukrainian medical dictionaries. In 1920 at soviet power went out separate edition him the «Rosijsko-ukrajinskyj medychnyj slovnyk». To editing of dictionary of Halyn the known Ukrainian figures were attracted, that gave to its high scientific level, as professional so language, and confession of all Ukraine. One hundred years ago the Ukrainian linguists were oriented in term formation to national character of term system: all scientists agreed, that it is necessary to involve internal language resources, terminate new concepts with the use of both existent facilities and by scientific creation from own sources. Terminological principles of М. Halyn there were base on most lexicographic medical labours of 1920 years, among that there is the «Shkilnyj medychnyj slovnyk (za Halynym)» of B. Aleksandrovskyj (Poltava, 1924); «Nomenklatura khorob (latynsko-ukrajinski nazvy khorob ta rosijskyj pokazhchyk do nykh)» of O.  Korchak-Chepurkivskyj (Kyiv, 1927) and most ukrainian medical dictionary of time of the shot up renaissance, final edition that time – «Medychnyj rosijsko-ukrajinskyj slovnyk» of Dr. V.Kysiljov (Odesa, 1928), that was accepted to printing of the medical section of the natural department of the Institute of scientific ukrainian language of the Allukrainian academy of sciences. Most given out then medical dictionaries often are not even in the large libraries of Ukraine. They were destroyed or hidden in the special storehouses, and about their existence presently it knows only to the very narrow circle. Only the Ukrainian diaspore did not forget Martyr Halyn. In 1969 Ukrainian Medical Association of North America reprinted in Detroit the Prague «Medychnyj latynsko-ukrajinskyj slovnyk» of М. Halyn in 1926. On occasion of 100 years of edition of him the «Rosijsko-ukrajinskyj medychnyj slovnyk» we must honour Martyr Halyn and to rehabilitate his approach in relation to creation of the ukrainian medical terms, his vision of «ukrainian medical terminology of the future» that was reflected in his dictionaries. М. Halyn had pride enough of place in the Rossian empire, but he chose the Ukrainian state. He was far unindifferent to the fate of his nation and native word, whatever will say about majority of modern ruler of Ukraine.

Key Words: medicine, term, terminology, dictionary, lexicography.



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