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The Question of the rheumatologySymposium

Prof. Sinachenko O.V., prof. Pasiyeshvili L.M. Arthralgic syndrome: verification, validation and evaluation approaches.

The Question of the GastroenterologySymposium

Prof. Zvyagintseva T.D., as. prof. Shargorod I.I. Phatological state after cholecystectomy: from pathogenesis to treatment.

The question of the Health Care. Review

Prof. Semidotska Z.D., as. prof. Cherniakova I.A., as. prof. Neffa M.Iu., as. prof. Karmazina I.S. Palliative medicine and family doctor – past, present, future.

The Question of the Gastroenterology. Symposium

Prof. Oparin A.A., prof. Oparin A.G., as. prof. Lavrova N.V., PHD Novohatnya A.E. Ultrasound examination of the gallbladder in normal and pathological conditions.

The Question of the Endocrinology. Symposium

Prof. Zhuravlyova L.V., PHD Rogachova T.A. Obesity as multidisciplinary problem – clinical picture, diagnostics and treatment.

The question of the physiotherapy. Lecture

Prof. Tondii L.D., prof. Zinchenko E.K., as. Shcherba A.A., senior lecture Zakrevskaia E.L. Treatment with mineral water in the practice of a family doctor.

The Question of the History of medicine. The original study

Prof. Oparin A.A. Medicine of ancient Egypt.

Materials of the Conference

Materials of the conference «Achievements of the chair of physiotherapy, health resorts and restorative medicine and its role in the formation and development rehab medicine» 02.11.2017

Materials of the conference “Innovative technologies of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases of internal organs in young people” 20.09.17.