Requirements to articles

Requirements for registration of the text

 Formatting rules for authors of articles, topics

1. The page format – A4

2. Font – Times New Roman

3. Font size – 14

4. Interval – 1,5

5. Indentation – 1.25 mm

6. Vyrvnivanie – justified

7. Fields document – 20 mm

8. Amount – from 10 to 30 pages

9. Article Language: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, French, German
Structure of the article
• UDC 
• Surname, full name …. the language of Article 
• Surname, full name …. English 
• Abstract in the language of Article (45-50 words)
• Abstract in English (100-250 words) for medical article (example)
• Keywords in the language of Article (10 words)
• Abstract in English (45-50 words)
• Keywords in English (10 words)
Sections of the paper

1. Introduction 
2. Tems of article
3. Literature review 
4. Main part (lead name that reflects the essence of the work) 
5. Testing results of the research 
6. Conclusions
• References (decorate under GOST 7.1:2006) 
• References (decorate under standart Scopus) 
• Information about the authors in the language of the article (name, position, title, affiliation, phone number and E-mail) 
• Information about the authors in English

Making figures / tables
1. Figures/ tables given in article, without wrapping 
2. Titles of tables and figures are also the signature in the text (Table 1, Fig. 1) 
3. All images must be in JPG format 
4. A table should not be empty cells

Pay attention! The printed version of the magazine comes out in black and white
Making a list of uses of literature.

1. Links to the sources used are written as they use in the text in square brackets [1, 2, 3-10]. Hyperlinks are not allowed.
2. Bibliografy list written up at the end of the article according to GOST 7.1:2006 and standart Scopus.

Attention! List of literature, which duplicates list of references in the primary list, should be formatted according to requirements of international databases and provided in separate block. Specifically: for all references, which are given in Cyrillic in the main source, transliteration to Latin is needed, and the name of the publication where they are published, should be translated into English. Also, if given literature reference contains five or more authors, complete list of authors should be provided without exclusions. Namely, structure of the link must be given in following way: all authors (transliteration to Latin), name of the publication (transliteration and English translation), initial data with designation in English, indications on the language of the article in parentheses. If the list contains links to foreign publications, they should be repeated in the list, but punctuation marks should be placed according to foreign bibliographic standards.

Samples of references in the list of references.

References should be submitted in two copies:

  1. In accordance with the requirements of GOST 7.1: 2006.
  2. In accordance with the requirements of Scopus.

For articles in Cyrillic:

List 1 (GOST 7.1: 2006) Radchenko AD, Mikheev EV, Sirenko YM et al. Efficacy of treatment on the basis of the preparation // Loristy Arterial gipertenziya.- 2010.- № 6.- pp 23-35.

List 2 (according to the requirements of Scopus) Radchenko AD, Mikheyeva EV, Sirenko YuM, Kushnir SN, Ponomariova GV. Arterialnaya Hypertensiya – Arterial Hypertension 2010; 6: 23-35 (in Russ).

For articles in Latin:

List 1 (GOST 7.1: 2006) Thibault H., Piot C., Staat P. et al. Long-term benefit of postconditioning // Circulation.- 2008.- Vol. 117 (8) .- P. 1037-1044.

List 2 (according to the requirements of Scopus) Thibault H, Piot C, Staat P, Bontemps L, Sportouch C, Rioufol G, Cung TT, Bonnefoy E, Angoulvant D, Aupetit JF, Finet G, Andre-Fouet X, Macia JC, Raczka F , Rossi R, Itti R, Kirkorian G, Derumeaux G, Ovize M. Long-term benefit of postconditioning. Circulation 2008; 117 (8): 1037-1044.

For monographs in Cyrillic:

List 1 (GOST 7.1: 2006) Deriugin MV Fighters SA Chronic miokardity.- St. Petersburg: ELBI, 2005.- 288 p.

List 2 (according to the requirements of Scopus) Deriugin MB, Boitsov SA. ELBI, 2005.228 p (in Russ).

Requirements to the list according to international format –, or if to go to this link directly to the site, comprising original instructions.

For transliteration to Latin you can use the next services or