Terms of publication

1. The articles are published in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

The journal is primarily publish review articles on actual problems of internal and family medicine, which can be used for distance education of physicians and improve their post-graduate education.

2. Author’s original manuscript must be sent in two forms – typewritten on paper and on the magnetic carrier, and must contain

– UDC index,

– Text of article (the volume should not exceed for article – 9 pages, lecture, review, problematic articles – 12 pages, short information – up to 3 pages),

– Tables, figures, graphs, photographs with their electronic copies

– References (the total number should not exceed 50 and at least 50% of them should not be older than three years back)

– Tests on the subject of the article (15 tests with four possible answers, of which one is correct, separately for the initial and final knowledge testing);

– Abstract must be added to the end of the article and should contain a title, names of authors, institution where the authors work, city, country (for foreigners), no more than 0.5 pages;

The abstract should supplement the language of the article (for example, if the article is written in Ukrainian, the abstract should be in Russian and English), the translation must be literary and quality.

3. The structure of the main text must correspond the generally accepted structure of scientific articles. If the paper contains the results of experimental work, particularly dissertations and is placed in the category of «Original research» it should contain the following sections: «Introduction», «The Aim of the research», «Materials and Methods», «Results and Discussion», «Conclusion» and “Perspectives for further research”.

These publications should include following elements: a description of the problem in general and its connection with important scientific and practical tasks; analysis of recent research and publications, which discuss this issue and relied upon by, selection of the unresolved aspects of the problem which the said article, the formulation of the aim of article; the basic material of research with full substantiation of scientific results; the conclusions of this study and the recommendations for further research in this direction (Resolution of the Presidium of the High Attestation Commission of Ukraine dated 15.01.2003 N. 7-05/1 “About the Increased Requirements for the Professional Publications that are Included into the Catalogues of the High Attestation Commission of Ukraine”).

4. On the 1-st page of the text indicate: 1) the UDC identifier and the title of the article; 2) the names and initials of the authors; 3) an institution where the authors work, city, country (for foreigners).

On the last page of the text place: 1) the handwritten signatures of all authors; 2) the stamp and signature of the responsible person from the institution submitting the material; 3) name, surname, postal address, telephone numbers (work and home) of the author, with whom the Editorial Board has to communicate.

5. The text is printed on one side of A4 white paper (210 х 297 mm), font size 14, with 1,5 line spacing, with all margins of 20 mm.

6. Materials for the publication are accepted on the CD-R, typed in Microsoft Word (any version), typeface “Times New Roman”, font size 14, without tabulators. Tables should be made in the typeface “Times New Roman”, 10 points, without service mark symbols inside. The names of drugs should be written with small letter in accordance with the international non-proprietary name (INN). Brand name write with a capital letter and in quotation marks, if necessary.

7. Electronic copies of drawings and photographs are taken in TІFF format (at least 300 dpi) graphs and charts in EPS or AI separately from the text.

8. All measures are indicated in units of SI.

9. References should be given on separate pages, font printing size 12. Literature sources are presented in alphabetical order. References in the text are indicated by figures in square brackets (for example [12]).

Guidelines of references: for a monographs – name, initials, book title, place of publication, year, number of pages. For example: Евдокимов А.Г., Тополянский В. Д. Болезни артерий и вен. – М .: МЕДпресс-информ, 2012. – 256 с.

For articles from magazines and collections – surname, initials, full title of the article, standard abbreviation of the journal title or collection, year of publication, volume, number, pages (first and last). For example: Харченко Н.В. Обзор материалов 21-й ежегодной Европейской гастроэнтерологической недели. / Н.В. Харченко, И.М. Скрипник // Журнал «Здоровье Украины». – 2014. – №01-02 (326-327). – С. 34-35.

For foreign publications: Adachi K. Radially asymmetric gastroesophageal acid reflux in the distal esophagus: examinations with novel pH sensor catheter equipped with 8 pH sensors / K. Adachi, S. Ohara, K. Furuta // Journal of Gastroenterology. – 2012. – Vol. 47. – № 11. – R. 1221-1227.

10. Authors are responsible for the scientific and literary editing of the presented material.

11. The editors reserve the right to correct the article or refuse in its publication, if the submitted text materials do not correspond in their form or content to the above mentioned requirements.

12. CD-R, manuscripts, pictures, photographs and other materials, sent to the editorial board, are not returned.

13. Articles should be sent to the editorial board by postal address and e-mail: teraprevm@med.edu.ua.