A case of rare metastases of rectal cancer to the costosternal junction

A.T. Kazimov, S.S. Vatankha, S.A. Sariyev

National Oncology Centre, Azerbaijan, Baku  

Case description. There is a clinical case of 28 year old patient with long anamnestic story of rectal cancer, 2 years after surgery, Patient had pain in the anterior part of chest wall, which was initially stopped by NSAID, MRI and bone scintigraphy were performed in which was no pathology detected. Only thin slice CTshowed a slight thickening of costosternal joints in both sides. A biopsy was performed and the diagnosis of metastatic disease was confirmed. There is present a case of 28 with distant metastases to liver and costosternal joint. Conclusion. In a patient with oncological anamnesis and with long pain in costosternal joint without any cause we have not exclude metastatic lesion.  

 Key Words: rectal cancer, costosternal junction. 


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Казимов, А.Т. Случай с редким метастазом рака прямой кишки в костостернальное сочленение / А.Т. Казимов, С.С. Ватанха, С.А. Сарыев // Східноєвропейський журнал внутрішньої та сімейної медицини. – 2022. – № 1. – С. 52-54. doi:  10.15407/internalmed2022.01.052   

Kazimov AT, Vatankha SS, Sariyev SA. Sluchaj s redkim metastazom raka pryamoj kishki v kostosternal’noe sochlenenie. [A case of rare metastases of rectal cancer to the costosternal junction]. Shidnoevr. z. vnutr. simejnoi med. 2022;1:52-54. Russian. doi: 10.15407/internalmed2022.01.052