V.P. Bobin — managing doctor of the free hospital and hospital of the kharkov medical society

Bobina, MD, PhD V. Krаvtsova.

The article presents and analyzes the history of outpatient clinics and the hospital of the Kharkiv Medical Society named after D.A. Donets-Zakharzhevsky. The role of Vladimir Pavlovich Bobin, the managing director of the hospital who has led the work of this oldest institution of KhMO for more than 40 years, is shown. The article presents the conclusions about the doctor`s work, their scientific and practical reports, articles in journals and conferences. The role of doctors, in particular V.P. Bobin, in the introduction of advanced methods of treatment of infectious diseases has been proved. The protocols of the meetings of KhMO for 1888-1913 were investigated.

Key Words: history of the hospital, Kharkov Medical Society, Vladimir Pavlovich Bobin.



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