Graduates of medical faculty of Kharkiv University in Mykolaiv

Prof. V.S. Yermilov

The Mykolaiv regional institute of postgraduate pedagogical education

The article shows the place and role of graduates of the medical faculty of Kharkiv University in Mykolaiv. Domestic naval, urban, factory and insurance medicine have gained significant development here. In all these components of medicine of the city the leading place was occupied by graduates of Kharkiv University. They were also active in the public life of the city. Honoring the university in 1905 and the memory of its founder V. N/ Karazin, they emphasized their leading role in the medicine of Mykolaiv throughout its history during the pre-Soviet period, paid tribute to the university, whose alumni were well worthy of their lives.

Key words: Kharkiv University, V.N. Karazin, medical faculty, doctor-graduate, Mykolaiv, history of medicine.


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