Doctor Faust: the history and the legend.

Professor A.A. Oparin.

Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. Department of therapy, rheumatology and clinical pharmacology

The article reveals and analyzes all the available historical information about the life and work of Dr. Johann Faust that are fully entitled to consider him a real historical person, which later became a hero of a number of legends and fables. It is described that the basis of Faust’s teaching were spiritism, magic and astrology, on which his medical beliefs were also based. The article shows that Johann Faust in the history of medicine, on the one hand, is the one of the great opponents of the Reformation (which has dropped the medieval chains of scholasticism and prejudices that surrounded medicine for many centuries and created opportunities for the development of medical science) and on the other – is the one of the founders of paramedicine.

Key Words: Faust, paramedicine, Reformation.


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