№1(18) // 2022









The Question of the endocrinology. Symposium 

Prof. Zvyagintseva T.D., as. Gamanenko Ya. K. Modern idea of mucoviscidosis. 

The Question of the History of medicine. The original study 

Prof. Oparin O.A., PHD Rogozhin B.A. Vilém Dušan Lambl and Kharkiv: city, university and personality. 

Prof. Vasyliev K., PHD Vasyliev Y.  F.F. Ergardt (1828-1895 / 1896) – Professor of the department of state medical science in Kyiv University of St. Vladimir. 

Prof. Stupak  F.Ya. Activities of city self-government bodies in the field of health. 

Dr. Peshelis A. Reasoning about eugenics. 

Prof. Balaklytskyi M. A. Mystical and scientific medicine: is there any difference? 

The Question of the family medicine. Symposium 

Gasımova Y.A. Main risk factors of transportation of premature infants in critical condition. 

The Question of the dermatology. Symposium 

Guliyeva R.A. Modern data on the prevalence and etiopathogenesis of fungal infections among military personnel. 

The Question of the gastroenterology. Review 

Prof. Zvyagintseva T.D., Yaroshenko A.V. The development of COPD in ulcerative colitis: clinical and instrumental confirmation.  

Kazimov A.T., Vatankha S.S., Sariyev S.A. A case of rare metastases of rectal cancer to the costosternal junction  

Prof. Prosolenko K., ass. Lapshyna К., Ryabuha V.  Modern aspects of pathogenesis of comorbidity of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and hypertension in the presence or absence of сhronic kidney disease. 

The question of the cardiology. The original study 

Prof. Isaeva G. S. Myocarditis associated with COVID-19 infection. 

The question of the endocrinology. The original study 

Serik S.A., Strona V.I.  Modern approaches to the treatment of atrial fibrillation in patients with diabetes mellitus. 

The question of the endocrinology. Review 

Prof. Mursalov M.M. Treatment of diabetic angiopathy of the lower limb in the conditions of a specialized department. 

The question of the cardiology. Symposium 

Prof. Zhuravlyova  L.V., PHD Sokolnikova N.V., PHD Rogachova T.A.  Modern concepts on the pathogenesis and treatment of chronic heart failure: focus on the metabolic syndrome and its consequences.