About the museum I.I. Mechnikov in Dvorichna.

Berveno О.М.

Dvorychansky Center for Children and Youth Creativity

Due to the fact that in 2020 the whole world celebrates the 175th anniversary of the birth of I.I. Mechnikov, in order to preserve and promote the spiritual culture of Slobozhanshchina and to create a chronicle of unknown pages of the history of our region that is the small motherland of the great scientist, a number of events have been held. At the initiative of Dvorichna Children and Youth Creativity Center in 2015 the museum “Our great countryman I.I. Mechnikov — the Citizen of the World “ was established and a strategic plan for its development was developed. In the process of researches a fund of museum objects and museum collections of historical and cultural content was created in accordance with the tasks set for the museum. The museum has almost 400 exhibits of the main fund. The museum offers tours for visitors of all ages. In recent years we have intensified cooperation with many higher education establishments. We are supported by scientists-followers of I.I. Mechnikov from Israel, the USA, France, Great Britain, Latvia by holding international Internet conferences. It has become a tradition to hold annual Mechnikov readings.

Key Words: Mechnikov, anniversary, museum, excursions, tourists, cooperation, international relations, books, collections, conferences, fund.




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