Еditorial policy

“East European Magazine of Internal and Family Medicine” combines basic medical problems, as well as contemporary issues of clinical medicine. Magazine opens its pages for well-known scientists and for promising young researchers by providing a forum for discussion of issues of a wide scientific and medical interests.

 The peculiarity of our magazine is practically-oriented approach, and the introduction of distance education into the daily activities of a doctor.

 Basic principles:

  • objectivity and impartiality;
  • high requirements for the quality of research;
  • policy review articles;
  • strict compliance with copyright and related rights;
  • strict adherence to the schedule of the magazine;
  • condemnation of plagiarism.

“East European Magazine of Internal and Family Medicine” is one of the first magazines in Ukraine providing distance education. The tests are given to each article to identify the training and the final level of knowledge on a particular subject. Being tested the doctor will have an opportunity not only to learn on their own and to check their level of knowledge but also to get a certificate.

 The policy of open access publication. “East European Magazine of Internal and Family Medicine” is an open access journal. All articles are free to view, read, download and print.