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The Question of the rheumatologySymposium

 O.V. Sinachenko, L.M. Pasiyeshvili. Rheumatoid arthritis: definition, clinical and pathogenetic aspects

The Question of the Gastroenterology. The original study.

T.D. Zvyagintseva, S.V. Glushchenko. Correction of L-carnitine insufficiency in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.

The Question of the pediatrics. Clinical Widow.

T.V. Frolova, I.I. Tereshchenkova, N.F. Stenkova. Mastocytosis in practice of a family doctors.

The Questions of the Psychotherapy. Lecture.

B.V. Mikhailov, O.I. Serdyuk, T.A. Aliyevа, I.D. Vashkite. Staged psychotherapy of combatants in sanatorium-resort conditions.

The Question of the neuropathology. Symposium.

T.A. Litovchenko, O.L. Tondiy, I.N. Pasyura. Cluster headache: current diagnosis and treatment algorithm

Family medicine questions. Differential diagnosis.

O.M. Korzh. The diagnosis and treatment of acute pain in the practice of a family doctor.

The Question of the History of medicine. The original study.

A.A. Oparin. Theophrastus Paracelsus: the founder of paramedicine.

The Question of the rheumatology. Symposium.

A.P. Kuzmina. Topical issues of timely diagnostics and tactics of care patients with signs of giant cell arteritis.

The Question of the Endocrinology. Symposium.

O.M. Beletska. The perspectives of rehabilitation of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

The Question of the Gastroenterology. Symposium.

G.I. Kochuev, A.N. Korzh, M.N. Kochueva, V.I. Bereznyakov. The problem of constipation in general medical practice

The question of The Education.Lecture.

V.D. Girka, L.M. Potapova. Improving the efficiency of mastering of lecture information in the context of modern educational trends.

The question of the Nephrology. Review.

Zh.D. Semydotska, I.A. Chernaykova, O.V. Avdeyeva. To the question about a new classification of the urinary system diseases.

The Question of the Endocrinology. Symposium.

L.V. Zhuravlyova, T.A. Rogachova. Features of insulin therapy in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus during pregnancy.

The question of the dermatology. Symposium.

O.I. Sarian. Paraneoplastic dermatosis in the intenist practice.

In memory of Professor Leonid Dmitrievich Tondia.

Report on the scientific-practical conference “History of medicine and the problem of modern health”,
April 17, 2018

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